Barely a few months after the launch of the Nexus One Smartphone Google seems to be pulling the plug on the device by directing potential buyers to the newer HTC Incredible. The Incredible is almost similar in all aspects to the Nexus One but also packs in a more powerful camera. Compared to the sales of any other phone in the same league like the iPhone or Droid, Nexus One seems to have fared the worst. This has led to many market analysts to believe that Google was in fact testing the waters for its Android platform rather than entering mainstream competition in the smartphone segment.

Considering the scenario mentioned, the whole Nexus One venture by Google seems to be an elaborate experiment to test and understand the market before it launched Android. This is indeed a very good idea as it would get to interact with the customers directly and also obtain feedback for its developers for the future iterations. Here is what we think what knowledge Google has gleaned or has to learn from this pilot project.

Since a lot of electronics goods are bought online Google has estimated that all sales of future tech gadgets would take place only online. This has prompted them to offer the Nexus One only through their site instead of a more traditional shop. Though an innovative idea customers definitely were not happy with. Many people were not happy about shelling out approximately $500 for a phone before even having a trial for a couple of minutes. Every user would like to touch and get the feel of a phone before he actually buys it. There were also connectivity problems and other hardware related problems which could be addressed immediately due to the lack of telephone support. The only option disgruntled users had was to email Google and wait for the reply. This raised a lot protests against Google and the giant finally arranged for telephone support.

The initial buzz around a Google phone before the release of the phone was a potential Google failed to capitalise on. The marketing strategy of Google was all wrong. Google never advertised why the Nexus One was great nor did it target any particular audience. The marketing was vague with Google never showing the reasons for people to shift over the Nexus One. Another mistake Google committed in this regard is offering the phone only on T Mobile. Google may be the all powerful in the realm of the internet but in the telecom sector mobile carriers are powerful allies. Google never built any relations with the mobile carriers. Even a super phone with a lot functionalities is limited with the carriers ability to provide service.

Microsoft had done it with computers way back and now Google is doing to smartphones. It is trying to separate the software and hardware and letting the users decide what software to be on their cell phones. In order to achieve this Google needs to have an intricate understanding of how phones are designed, sold and how they are used by an average user. This is where the Nexus One experiment comes in. Google had a hands on experience with the general public about smartphones and we hope soon Google enters the market with a bang this time.