One of the great features in Windows Vista is the screenshot facility. Screenshots are very similar to taking a photo, however this time the subject of your photo is your computer desktop. A screen shot can be saved, e-mailed or shared online.  Screenshots may be taken for a number of reasons including technical difficulties, online office cooperation or simply for fun. Making your point clear cannot be any easier. Screenshots can also be referred to as ‘screen captures’ or ‘screen dumps’. Whichever term you want to use to refer to the screenshot application, you have two ways of reaching the desired effect.

Using the ‘Snipping Tool’

The snipping tool is a great feature which makes taking screenshots extremely easy. First, you will need to choose what you want to appear in the screenshot. Select the ‘Accessories Option’ from the ‘Start’ menu. Then click on the ‘Snipping Tool’, which once opened, will allow you to draw a line around the subject matter by a simple left click. The image is now captured. If you would like to draw anything on the image, you can make use of the pen. The pen allows you to write or draw any additional information or instructions you would like to add to your screenshot for a complete and clear explanation of what you want to say or do. Finally, click to save the image.

Taking screen shots has never been easier. Using this tool is excellent because it allows you to select the part of the screen that you want to reproduce. The method below is not as versatile, however you can attain the same result with a little knowledge with image editing programs.

Using ‘Print Screen’

There is also another way of taking screenshots of whatever is on your desktop. Again, you will need to follow a series of easy systematic instructions. First, press the upper left button found in the corner of your keyboard known as ‘Print Screen’. Then look up and run Microsoft Paint from the ‘Start Menu’. Now you can paste the print screen image by clicking on the edit button in the application. You can then proceed to save the image by clicking save from the toolbar menu.

Any Preferences?

The second option of taking screenshots is of course a bit out of date, making the new ‘Snipping Tool’ facility available on any Vista Windows Computer, the most easy to use (and preferred) method for all the screenshot takers out there. Nevertheless, should you encounter any screenshot problems; you may facilitate the conventional screenshot tool in the Paint facility. Sometimes you will need to use some keyboard combinations in Microsoft Paint, such as ‘alt+prt sc/print screen’ and ‘CTRL+V’ in order to capture the desired image. Should screenshot problems persist then you may need to downlaod some online free software such as ‘Screen Hunter 5’. Of course, the first thing you always need to verify is whether you have the right drivers installed on your hardware.The ‘Snipping Tool’ facility is also a feature of any Windows Vista Laptop.