Internet piracy is a big issue these days. All the information given by consumers on Internet is not secure, moreover IT companies should make better effort to protect the information. After a spate of controversies on social networking sites, users are demanding some steps to avoid any irregularities regarding Internet piracy. Now, EU is taking UK to court for not implementing EU’ rules of confidentiality of e-mails and other information.

The EU commission is launching legal actions against UK; they received a number of complaints about piracy. There is one US firm known as Phoom which tracks web surfer with ads on internet. According to EU law, it’s an offence to use a person’s personal information without his consent. The EU commission said that UK has to implement the internet piracy rules in their country. EU commission also warned Microsoft and Google to take more preventive measures to tackle this issue. Cryptography is a perfect way to avoid misuse of data over internet and it is important to take this step by internet firms. The EU has lot of concerns about customers; actually consumers are being pressured into handing over personal data to subscribe to internet services. And may be this information is used to create some profile.

Reports, also suggest social networking sites, like  Facebook have been  forced to change a plan to implement its policy towards privacy after a complain by Facebook user.

EU has taken this as evidence regarding the Internet piracy and has told Internet firms that intervention is necessary to protect customers. Some EU countries also told that customer information is useful for marketing but there should not be nay violation of customer’s rights. We want full transparency and clear cut decision on internet piracy, there is huge demand to protect customer’s rights regarding internet piracy.It is also important to protect their personal information from misusing.

EU also said UK should take initiative now and there are some rights for customers in every independent country, and every organization has to protect them.