Imperva, an online security firm has unrevealed an astounding fact that they are being breached in a new manner by the release of large amount of bandwidth DDOS attack. This attack can take place because of experimental botnet.

The way it works is that a 40 line PHP script is sued to infect the servers. This attack can infect about more than 300 servers but only those that have some kind of vulnerability and loopholes in their security applications. This goes on to release high end DDOS attacks. The researchers of Imperva were the first ones to notice this kind of new age highjacking technique.

The Chief Technology Officer of Imperva, Amachai Shulman, said that web servers are the most potent of all hacking sites for hijackers. The reason behind this is that these websites don’t have antivirus software installed. They also go on to ensure ten to fifty times upload bandwidth for a usual home PC user. At a rough estimate, one would be able to gauge that at lease hundreds of servers have been actually infected by viruses and are getting repurposed for the launch of DDOS attacks.

Imperva has already sent out warning signals and has forewarned that DDOS attacks can be extremely dangerous to the web hosts and the companies managing hosts. This will be worldwide threat if not curtailed within specific geographical boundaries. Having said that, Shulman further reiterated, that companies should be constantly monitoring their presence on Google in order to unearth if they have been compromised or attacked in any way!

It’s very difficult to understand the release of DDOS attacks via web servers. The detection of the DDOS attacks is really hard as they are not in their conventional and traditional forms that one is used to. That means that the attacks go on to leave on off their guard.

Now, if you thought that trackbacks would be able to get you out of this problem then think again. Trackbacks are of little help as they are the ones that do not normally lead to the answer. All that you will be able to do is to find out some remote server that has been kept by some small hosting service provider.
Therefore, the addressing of DDOS is imperative as only then will the website be able to function effectively and efficiently without any compromise on their functionality. This will ensure that the website has enough security so that it can’t be breached and its position compromised.

This is certainly a serious matter and due importance should be given to it so as not to jeopardize the working of the website.