There were days when one had to sit close to the printer to get a document printed. Or one had to e connected to the system or the network for the print to be taken. There were loads of wires he and there.

There was this need to check the electric power wire, the wire connecting the system to the network and finally the wires connecting the networks to the printers. It was all very complicated, but gone are such days. With the advent of Wireless Printing technology, here a detailed summary on the technology and its working:

  • Now the new technologies have imbibed the Printers with USB support, WIi-Fi, IrDa infrared and Bluetooth integrated machines. One can connect their systems in a large number of ways to the printers and the documents are printed seamlessly all over the networks. The USB support enable the person to directly insert the pen drive and plug and play it is. No need to start the operating system and select the documents to be printed. Just select the documents to be printed directly on the display panels of the printers.
  • With the Wi-Fi support, all the computers and laptops are integrated and connected to the network as well as Printer. One can give prints sitting any where in the office, college dorms and even homes. It allows students to sit outdoors while their prints are being printed indoors on the wireless network. The work can be easily stream lined as the clusters are reduced with the reduction in wires.
  • A single printer can be shared by many employees, and more space is available. With the All in One printer available, no need to worry about the in convenience caused at random timings of submitting the reports to the teacher. The teacher can plug in their emails to the printers and the student can send their emails, which will be opened and directly printed by the printers. The teacher directly needs to access them, where as the student don’t need to keep running for their submissions.
  • No more unplugging machines, carrying laptops around, and laboring to get the operating system to identify the right printer. The cables limit you to your home or your workspace, while wire less printers allow you to work anywhere, gardens, cafes, bed any where , where it is possible to work. Now day’s printers also come instilled with Bluetooth Technology, so need even to transfer the files created on your smart phones. You can directly connect your phone to the printer instead of connecting it with the system. Then you ask it to print. And there your files are printed and ready to be read or submission.

These printers come as a huge sigh of relief for people who are always on the go, prints can be taken from anywhere possible, without even connecting any cables or identifying the printers.