The computer is a device that can contribute a lot to a person. This is a product of advanced technology. It has systems and works in so many ways. The computer can be resembled to a human. It has a brain where all files are stored and secured.

Getting started

Windows is one of the operating systems created to be installed in the computer in order to make it functional and this can be purchased from any computer market. This operating system serves as the master system of the computer. Once installed, the computer is ready to access and use.

The data files of a computer are stored in the hard drive. These files can be saved and be deleted. It can also be backed up and restored.

The two types of back up settings

The user has two back up setting options to choose from on backing up the data files.

1.    First, the user can choose to let the Windows choose which folders and files to be backed up. This option allows the user to let the Windows back up data files that are in local libraries, system image of the programs, and default Windows folders which include Searches, Saved Games, Favorites, Downloads, Desktop, Contacts and App Data.
2.    Second, the user itself can select which folders and files are to be backed up. This option allows the users to back up drives, individual folders, or libraries. Take note that known system folders and known program files that were selected cannot be backed up for such reason that these folders contain files which need Windows to run and was defined as part of a program in the registry by the time the program was installed. Also, if there was no file selected, back up cannot be performed.

Maximize the space. The user can check the disk space of his/her computer. Backing up the data files can save disk space. The user can maximize the disk space of the computer by choosing the right back up setting.

From the above mentioned types of back up settings, Windows Backup is the right back up setting in maximizing the disk space. It provides the user with options of managing the disk space by setting it up. Once the Windows Backup has been set up, the user can go to the Backup and Restore in the Control Panel to view the free space and the used space of the disk.

Backup periods are sets of back up files. In a period of time, the Windows creates a new and full back which is known as the backup period. This maximizes the disk space because the Windows Backup back ups only those new and modified files. Automatically, when the disk starts to run out of space, Windows deletes those older system image files.

Windows Backup can be set up to retain many system images. Space for backup disk is provided and only keeps the most updated system image. Therefore, the user can save as many system image files as he/she wants without taking much space in the disk.