Nowadays, you don’t have to be a professional artist with contracts signed with specific labels to be known as an artist. If you have talent and a sufficient amount of money required to make a video, you are ready to take the first step to stardom. And many have already done so and are popular all over the world through their videos uploaded on YouTube.

There are many names in this list, and the latest to join the bandwagon is Rebecca Black, a U.S. teenager and pop-singer. She recently gained attention from all over the world as a viral star because of her music video titled ‘Friday’ that got millions of views within days after getting uploaded on YouTube. Her mother Georgina Marquez Kelly paid US$ 4,000 for the recording of the single and making of its video, and got the video released through ARK Music Factory, a record label in U.S.

If you are a regular web-surfer and love watching online music videos, it is likely that you must have listened the song or watched it video of late. The popularity of Rebecca has gone to such levels that Muckelnucket, an app developer company, has released a app dedicated to the teenager — What Day Is It Rebecca Black? for the Android Market. If you have an Android-based phone and love music and need music apps for your Android-based phone, this app is for you.

The app helps you to keep a track of the days of the week. Rebecca Black’s voice helps you to know what day is it as it tells you about the day in a funny manner. The original song, however, was only about Friday, but this app talks about all days of the week.

To get this app on your smartphone, visit the Android Market here.

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