Recovery in control panel simply means that a recovery procedure that is being carried out via the GUI of Windows using system controls panel options. Recovery in control panel is just a matter few clicks and choosing from options when prompted. However what exactly happens in the background when a system recovery has been initiated is not so straightforward and simple.

Why system recovery options are in control panel?

System recovery procedures have many dimensions. The problem or the error, the cause of the error, troubleshoot methods used and the choice of the system recovery method, are all facets that affect the overall outcome of the process.That being said, system recovery has to follow initial first aid procedures for the particular problem. Although system recovery options are advanced utilities, they are included within the system control panel with ease of system maintenance in mind. System recovery options within the controls panel are just like a fire brigade at the heart of a city.

System recovery as the last resort

It cannot be emphasized more how important it is to consider system recovery as the last resort to any type system related issues. Because most of the recovery utilities may rearrange, repair and delete some of the files in the computer, a full back up of the data may be essential when using system recovery.

Troubleshoot with other means first

Troubleshooting a problem using lower end support utilities must be given consideration before deciding upon a complete system recovery. Troubleshoot questionnaires included within the help and support sections in the system, may be useful in carrying out evaluation steps of the particular problem. This might prevent the user from using a hammer to kill a fly.

The risks of a system recovery

Risks of system recovery are high, in the sense the possibility of losing data or even the computer being brought to a standstill, must be considered. Specially when there is recovery in control panel, which inherently suggests a possible minor fault in the system, should be handled with caution.

Recovery in control panel offers several options to chose from. But a choice has to be made according to the situation, and not according to the knowledge about each option. possibilities are limited for a major recovery such as a recovery from a system image to have been carried out via the control panel, because if the problem is of such magnitude there is less chance of getting access to the control panel options in Windows. However the same options are included in the recovery control panel. The only advice that has to take priority in accordance with the usage of recovery options within control panel must be “never use them without a decent knowledge of system recovery procedures”.