Nintendo,the gaming goliath has been trying to efficiently press money rather than to develop new hardware. So there is a bit of arrogance involved in telling Nintendo how to create a video game system. Still, people are interested in Nintendo 3DS being good, not merely successful. There were several meetings held with the company in Los Angeles. People are so exited because in a few more days they will have held this magical piece of equipments in their hands. Many ideas were suggested to Nintendo on what the company should do to make the 3DS a must buy.

Nintendo should connect digital purchases to the account only:

It was discussed that Nintendo should connect digital purchases to the costumers account and not to the hardware. When a gamer buys a digital game for his Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS, it is locked down only for that particular piece of equipment of hardware. If the user upgrades to a new system then it’l be all gone. Nintendo currently has a process to retain the games in the new system but it involves in sending the old system to the company so that the company moves over the content to the new system. Users are finding this very annoying.

Comparision with other gaming systems:

Every other gaming system in the market like Xbox, playstation and the like allows the users to take their purchases to another console. For instance, Xbox Live games can be played on a replacement Xbox 360 and the Playstation network games can be played on a PSP. In these systems, the purchase is tied to the user’s account, not to their hardware.

Changes expected in the Nintendo 3DS:

Nintendo has had a long success in getting costumers to buy new colors,designs and slightly improvised hardware which makes it’s policy look more insane. The inability to transfer games to the upgraded console stops the costumers from upgrading. If 3DS is going to be a platform for downloadable games then Nintendo must stop locking down the content and they must ensure that the users can keep their purchases,no matter what. It is not fair to punish costumers who are looking forward to buy a new system.

An option to disable the 3D:

The new 3DS system is expected to have screen that supports 3D content. But the users are also expecting an option to disable that 3D effect when required because it might not suit every costumer and sometimes people wish to see the content without any eye strain. There is no clear idea how 3D games would suit the gamers. So it is highly expected that the system will have an option to disable the 3D.

Allowing users to use games from older hardware and keeping the price low:

Users never want to build up their library again. The users expect that all the older games will work on the new hardware. Users don’t want to give away the old systems or trade the hardware. Another major factor is the price. Nintendo is already offering it’s consoles for a lesser that other competing gaming systems. For instance, PSP Go was expensive than the regular PSP but it offered less and The Rock Band is getting more expensive by demanding plastic peripherals. So Nintendo keeps the price low and makes it’s products look like they have got a good value in relation to their competition. Users say that a price uder $200 would be a lovely one and it’l bring instant success to the system.

Giving users a good reason to buy the system:

The users expect that Nintendo to do something new that makes it special from all other gaming systems. If there are no blockbuster games that is going to come with the system,then nobody will pull out their wallet for getting the system. The general view is that there should be atleast one game that that drives home the selling point of a new system and the 3DS needs that ‘extra something’ that is going to be bought at a 1:1 ratio with the hardware. For instance, Halo was a big blockbuster game with the Xbox and Mario 64 with the Nintendo 64.

Nintendo has the capability to make this happen but it needs something specifically built for the 3DS that is going to make the system a “MUST BUY”.