Social networking has become one of the most important activities that all Internet users do. In fact it is very difficult to find a person not networking when they are free. It has become the coolest activity that a person can do when relaxing. In the previous decades when there was no Internet, people used to hang out in bars and coffee shop. However, these days, people of all age groups like to socialize on the social media.

There are a few staunch people who have been staving off the need to network for a long time. However in today’s time, even these people are being pulled inside within the social networking sites because of the extended use of these sites in one’s office! The Internet world has come a long way from being shunned in the initial years, to prevent people ‘wasting’ their time, to being used as a means of establishing and improving one’s business contacts.

Many small companies like the Palo Alto-based Socialtext are supplying companies with social tools like the ones which are present on Facebook and Twitter. This allows employees of various institutions to talk with their colleagues on their social networks and discuss about their work. The social networking platform is now extended to become useful in the office too. This is sure to make a revolution of sorts and will make every person working in such organizations to use these ‘in-house social networks’ to contact each other.

The advantages of using this software that will be implemented in some of the biggest organizations are many. They are as follows.

1. Boosts productivity: The networking that occurs between the various employees will help them to be able to use their contacts of their colleagues to complete a task quicker and this will help to boost the productivity and performance of an individual.
2. Work ethics: There are many employees who try to use social networks in their office during the working hours and this decreases their effectiveness. The official networking platforms that are being used by the companies will prevent the need for the employees to bend towards Twitter and Facebook.
3. Decreases stress: The social networking platform that employees use will help them to relax in a high tension job and may help them to unwind as they talk to their colleagues. This will recharge them and make them work more efficiently.
4. Learn about colleagues: The social platforms that are used by the companies for the employees will enable you to list your achievements and also details of your experience and other information, just like a resume. It can also have personal information and all this will help your colleagues from other parts of your office or even the world, to get to know you and turn to you for help, if need be.

The benefits of the new networks used by companies for their employees may decrease the need for them to use Facebook and Twitter. But these social networks will still be a great platform for the people across the world. The in house social networks of the companies will also change the way people think of their work place and will help to demolish some of the red tape and hierarchy that is present in some big companies.