Facebook applications are a great deal to many people around the world and has been an active source of attraction to many people around the world. You might come up with a lot of them who are more interested in the applications and games Facebook has for them then in their own social network. Facebook is earning quite a lot of revenue annually through these quizzes and applications. There are a lot of very popular names on Facebook that have huge fan followings.

Recently Pencake has been driven off the Facebook’s platform because of violation of the Facebook Platform Policies by using spamming methods to gain popularity and fan following. The company was providing people with quiz related applications that were quite popular amongst a lot of people. According to estimation, the company has gained around 45 million people from different direction by being on the social network but all of that vanished in just an instance.

Official Statements:

Officials did give public statements about the issue and said that Pencake made the vast users following by going rogue so the applications developed have been all disabled considering the Facebook Term of Use for developers as the core reason behind this ban. They even stated that the policies have been set up in order to give the users a nice and healthy experience. They cannot put their reputation on stake by allowing similar developments to be integrated with Facebook. The representative didn’t specify the exact policies they were referring to throughout this talk but did quote the world “main principles” of the site’s code of ethics that does not allow any user neither the developers to use spam as a medium as this is setting the users’ information and privacy on stake.

Inside Story:

Pencake, being one of the top developers of applications on Facebook has been set outside the platform by Facebook officials. The company was by far the 3rd most popular in producing quality applications on Facebook with almost a fan following of 45 million people from all the different directions.

The company was said to use spam based tactics in order to make the most revenue out of the social network. One of the most annoying things that it did was to post stories on users’ profiles and their friends’ walls. These aggravated a great deal of people as they even got many regular posts made even when they were not active on the platform. There developer based in China confessed that they were using such tricks to gain a handsome fan following but they also stated that the company is working back to keep everything in fine tone as to get these complains dealt with properly.

All the widgets that were authored by Pencake developers have disappeared completely from the portal referring to a great loss to the complete market that it had in the social network. There were a lot of top applications that appealed a lot of users despite the many negative points that the company was accused of while on the network.