In the recent months, whistle blower site WikiLeaks has gotten itself into trouble with American authorities over the content it has published such as leaked classified Iraq combat videos and documents. In the first case, the website released a video depicting an Apache gunship killing innocent civilians and just recently, WikiLeaks was at it again with the release of the dossier with about 90,000 documents of incidents involving the war in Afghanistan such as friendly fire incidents, civilian causalities amongst others. If the Pentagon had its way over the matter, WikiLeaks would probably be history right now, but as it is, there is not much the US authorities can do about it, at least not in the meantime.

Threat to US Authorities

However, that is not to say that the US authorities will not try to have the website closed or put off business as it argues that it needs to keep its troops in the war regions safe. For the moment it is about waiting to see just what the authorities might try to, pull off. But what is keeping WikiLeaks going and safe from the US authorities? Simple question for which the answer is; the Swedish Pirate Party. According to the Swedish Pirate Party, it is expecting the US authorities to put pressure on Swedish authorities to take WikiLeaks offline and shut it altogether having seen what the US did with Pirate Bay and the fact that WikiLeaks is treading along similar activities such as those that got Pirate Bay closed. But WikiLeaks has another disadvantage, it is poking fire at the very center of American power and thus it won’t be long be long before a delegation of “demands” for its closure is launched to the Swedish government by the US.

Just a Matter of time

As it is, regardless of its protection by the Pirate Party, chances are it is only a matter of time before the US drops the hammer on WikiLeaks. However, these promises to be a battle to closely follow given the push and pull that might take place. If America makes a move on WikiLeaks, the Pirate Party has sworn to keep afloat by offering it servers and hosting it thus keeping it going on regardless of the demands of the US government. Just it has done with the Pirate Bay in which despite having been pulled offline, the site has been hosted again and again making it difficult to effectively close it up. The Pirate Party said it is willing to do the same for WikiLeaks and will fight the mainstream media with all it can, saying that it will seek to have more brands such as WikiLeaks and others under its wings. The Swedish Pirate party is keen the decision that Swedish politicians will take, whether they will succumb to American pressure and act on WikiLeaks or uphold Swedish democracy.

In the meantime, there are only two countries that WikiLeaks can operate from and that is either Sweden or Ireland that have lenient laws over such matters.