As after the launch of iPad many well known IT companies have jumped into the field of slates, so has HP. All though these companies are producing slate even way before when the idea of the iPad was conceived, yet iPad has set a top notch market value.

News about HP

This time there is news in the market that HP is introducing a rival of iPad soon. This machine would definitely be powered by Windows 7 but it still remains a question that what would be heart of the machine. The processor chip that would power this slate is still unknown. This remains as an important issue because Intel has a big world of processors.

Choice of the Processor

The range of Intel processors starts from Inter Atom processor, then come the low power Inter Core processors like Core 2 Dou and Core 2 Quad and then comes the big daddy series of Intel’s best design that is based on the “Nehalem” architecture that is commonly known as Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The Intel Atom chips have a only single core processor. They can handle a number of tasks from moderate work load to some real heavy jobs. And the a lot more powerful processors the Core 2 and i versions using 2 processors blast their way through everything. HP has been very careful in the case of not revealing their processor information of the latest slate. The hierarchy of HP has refused to answer any questions in this regard. So for now, it can be only be guessed that which processor will become the heart of the machine.


Chief Technology Officer of HP’s Personal Systems group tells about the latest HP slate in the video released last month, “North of what a Smartphone is, smaller than a Netbook and notebook. Something thin and light but allowing (consumers) to have that rich media experience. They can do everything on that one device versus having to carry a variety of devices. I want to browse, I want to watch my movies, I want to be able to listen to my music, I want to read magazines and books.”

More about the Atom

The Inter Atom processor in the market is already doing a great job in netbooks present in the market. The only problem is that they still don’t give that refined performance and sometime are a bit slickly. This problem is shared by the new version of the Atom processor, the “Pine Trail”. But there is something new coming up from the Intel’s womb. It is the Moorestown Atom processor.


The low powered version of the Core processors are about to power a new range of laptops arriving this month. But it is still a question that these processors are good enough to work for the tablet devices or not. Whatever processor HP chooses from, they have to extremely careful as Apple is upgrading their iPad with an A4 processors and the Apple’s OS is already known to deliver extreme and high end performance. Good luck HP!