Linux or Unix is considered to be the most secure operating systems present in the world today. It provides you with all the protected security shells and protocols around the world. You can have a protected experience when it comes to the security of your system and the guard is Linux or any Linux based operating system.

Whenever it comes to security, nothing is adequate. This is because people at the other corner of the world might be ready to counter your next security level through their evil minds. Every now and then, a security solution is something that are revised at one part of the Globe while the counter solution is designed at another making the overall competition an excellent one.

Embedded Linux from Wind River:

The first of the Linux and Wind River partnership took place somewhere in 2004 where Red Hat was involved in a joint venture. The partnership was dissolved pretty soon and now the Wind River has its own distinct distribution of Linux for devices that need an embedded operating system. Wind River made excellent moves back in 2008 when it signed two of the pacts; one with Intel and the other with BMW for embedded OS for their control in car electronics. The recent addition into the lineup has to offer a little more than that as well.

The market is expecting a lot from the Embedded Linux that is authored by Wind River as this could come up with excellent opportunities in the future. The combination is EAL 4+ certified. The combination is a latest effort by Intel’s Wind River that is targeting enhanced security when it comes to their Linux based systems. There seems to be a sufficient demand for this new offering around the world as people are looking for more and more security enhanced systems into their setups.

Wind River is also offering its own operating system apart from the VxWorks that is working under its own proprietary. Different sectors of the industry might demand you to have different security extents to be used. The VxWorks is the operating system that works on a number of embedded devices as their operating system.

The EAL 4+ Certification:

The EAL 4+ certification is perhaps the toughest of the certifications when it comes to the security of the operating system. The certification solely depends on the validation of your operating system’s security system. The range from Intel’s Wind River embedded operating system division is struggling to get the EAL 4+ certifications through the Linux embedded system. The system provides excellent security as being a part of the Linux family that is known for providing great security.

The venture is going to benefit both Intel and Linux and not one of them. Both the vendors need to get the certification for Linux for multi chip vendors amongst which FreeScale and Texas Instruments are at the top. The achievement will let Linux move into the arena of secure systems and secure environments.