Window 7 N edition and KN edition are void of Windows Media Player or any of the other Windows Media applications that include Windows Media Center, Windows DVD Maker and Windows Movie Maker. You cannot have your have any of the audio or video played or recorded on the said versions of Windows 7. This also means that you would not be able to use all the different products that include association with Windows Media Player for their files. These include Microsoft Office and Microsoft Encarta at the top of everything else.

Windows Media Format Feature Pack

Windows has alternatively come up with the Windows Media Format Feature Pack that installs a complete Software Development Kit that has been used to generate Window Media Format files. You can use all the files associated with the Windows Media Player in this runtime while using Windows 7 N and KN edition. None of the Windows Media application needs to be installed in the presence of the Windows Media Format Feature Pack.

The packages lets you run media files associate with the different APIs and you can have a number of Media Codecs with the SDK. It is an excellent feature for people who are developing media on their Windows 7 N and KN edition. Others need not to install the Windows Media Player along with all the multiple codecs that different playbacks would demand.

Limitations of Windows 7 N and KN edition

Windows 7 N and 7 KN editions are much the same as the standard versions of Windows 7. The only thing that it lacks is multimedia support. Users cannot access the audio files that you would certainly love to hear. The audio CDs are not even supported. Similarly, you are not authorized to write any audio CDs neither can you transfer personal collection to music players that are portable. The editions do not support streaming videos from the internet and this way it affected a number of other applications as well.

The N and KN edition is also void of Windows Media Player ActiveX control that is used in displaying different information on the internet browsers and other applications. In addition, you cannot get the information for any media file displayed that is displayed by the Shell Media Property Display. You would also have no access to many of the different media formats that Windows author apart from the audio files only and this sets you in a big mess.

The Windows 7 N and KN edition are not capable of getting connected with multiple media players and you cannot even communicate with other portable media player features. Media Sharing is not also available in the feature of Windows 7 N and KN editions.

The best feature perhaps is the Windows Media Center that lets you organize you photos, videos and music. The application lets you use your computer as a DVR and unfortunately you cannot use this feature as well.

The Windows Media Format Feature Pack

The above mentioned applications have made many other applications difficult to run on your system and you won’t be able to run many different services on your computer. The media format feature pack can set you many of these services enabled by default and you need to enhance the codecs just to make sure that you get complete functionality that is provided by the Windows Media Player and associated applications.