Microsoft’s Windows phone 7 can be seen as the fastest-growing platform in 2011. Windows phone 7 has a very unique and desirable take on the Smartphone user interface.  Microsoft is fully determined to enter Smartphone segment and they are doing it with Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 is seen as the biggest competitor for Android from Google and also for iPhone. In the year 2011, Microsoft has planned to watch this segment very carefully and the management is very keen to collaborate with some big names. Asus and other companies are also planning to launch Windows Phone 7 phones soon.

Windows phone 7 is filled with attractive and fun features like it has a strong ability to connect Microsoft’s online game service, Xbox live. Music lovers can see this phone as heaven and can download music from Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace. If you are a music freak and want more music on your phone, just pay $15 to Zune to listen music as you want right on the phone. The operating system and interface of this phone are the main features. It can integrate with e-mails and calendars, you can also create different exchange accounts on this phone. For your office work and for more convenience you can use mobile version of MS Office application that includes Word, Excel and Power Point also.

There are some recent reports from CES 2011, a French blogger Le Journal Geek wrote in his blog about CES 2011. He approached Sony Ericsson officials with two questions that will we be seeing a Windows Phone 7 Smartphone from them, and whether he could see the infamous PlayStation Phone. The Sony Ericsson officials responded with “no comments” for the play station phone. The response for Windows Phone 7 was even more interesting, they told they have no such plans for another Windows Phone 7 phone. It is clearly indicating that we have to wait for Sony Eriksson Windows phone 7 device. The problem is to customize the user interface that comply with Microsoft’s rules of unified experience for all Windows Phone 7 devices.

As the Windows Phone 7 is growing and expanding its roots with collaboration from various biggies, Sony Eriksson will reconsider its decision and after some time we will hear news related to WP 7 devices. When they decide with their user interface, they will start talk with Microsoft and may be we can see the same with Sony Ericsson. There are more competition from other counterparts like Android and iphone, so, Microsoft is planning itself strong and in unique ways to attract more and more consumers for Windows Phone 7. This time, Microsoft is not in any mood to take risks and they are playing it safe to expand their customer base.