Certainly, nobody has doubt about that, iPhone lit a match that sparked a new unbelievable smart phone revolution, obviously even the giant Microsoft had to admit that it’s fallen behind with its new product: Windows Mobile. But at the moment that Windows Phone 7 Series has been lunched, how is Bill Gate’s firm going to try to fight against the current leader of phones, which is with no doubt: Apple and its iPhone. This is the right time to try to compete versus Apple, Microsoft sent the business peeps packing with its new Series, the Windows Phone 7. Microsoft continuing to want to be friends, but business is business and the love affair is almost over. What do you think? Redmond’s finest hardly talked about the software’s business chops in the launch presentation. Why doing that? A strange thing about Windows Phone 7 Series is that it doesn’t allow resistive touchscreens, is it strange to you?

But Microsoft has a clear image in its mind, I am sure on it, Microsoft has seen the numbers, and although business men are the objective of the networks’ dream team, this is obvious in my opinion, because of their heavy use of information and data and long-distance calls that not everybody does. Normal users are the ones buying the phones themselves. In fact, the numbers are simple and clear: smart phone sales will overstep the sales of PCs by the end of the next year 2011, this is what the analysts predict.

Even suits don’t need or want to invest in a business phone anymore, instead than carry an IPhone for fun or a BlackBerry for email, everybody’s looking for one product that can satisfy the needs, one of the most important is handle an Exchange server and in the meanwhile still impressing the shorties. Steve Jobs and its firm not only started one of the most important app revolution like Apple iTunes app store, but the real issue is that now it’s very difficult for any other app store to catch up. Microsoft is trying to share the market with Apple, but can Microsoft do it? It’s only a matter of time and the mystery will be solved. Windows Mobile has a history of fantastic applications that you can’t find, a trouble, or figure out how to install it, but unconfirmed reports said that the new Series of Windows Phone won’t even run Windows Mobile apps, what are they doing? We can throw away our TomTom applications. Are they crazy? Microsoft is sponsoring their new ideas so-called ‘hubs’, which bring many features together in the same place, rather than discreet apps. They are trying to attack the iPhone’s main lack: the support for multitasking.