HTC is one of the largest cell phone makers and also they are dominating Smartphone market also. HTC has some Smartphone which are powered with Android OS and some of them come with Windows 7. Now HTC developed one application called HTC home, it will bring Smartphone home-screen on your Windows computer. HTC Home is a visually aesthetic weather/clock widget available in HTC sense. We all know that Windows 7 and Vista has a simple weather gadget but the problem is lacking of forecasting features. HTC Home has the advantage of displaying weather forecast for the next week along with a digital clock.

Although this application is in alpha phase, you can run on some bugs and interface-specific glitches. It depend on you how you will use it but it will give you a breezing visual experience of weather information. When you will use this application, you will easily experience the difference with clouds floating across your desktop, rain drops slide down your screen and there is more like lightning striking here and there. HTC Home will give you the complete accuracy of weather forecast as it is supported by MSN and the weather channels. You can easily install this program on your PC with Windows 7 or Vista operating system. It may also work with Windows XP also. The animation provided by HTC Home2 is an amazing experience on the desktop.

When you complete the installation and launch it, it will appear on the right side of the screen. If you want then you can change the position of the screen from there. If you compare this application with the HTC Home previous version 1.0 it has one more additional tool that forecast bar at the lower end, showing weather information of coming week. If you want to change any setting then you can easily access either from system tray or by right-clicking the application. There are some general settings that include starting application with Windows logon, toggle icon in notification area, Position and size of widget, and Appearance related settings (Aero-Glass, Weather Animation).

The HTC Home has the following features that includes

1. Weather tunes; it will help you to know about the weather outside by the sounds produced by HTC Home 2.

2. Skin support; it is very easy to adjust HTC Home 2 to according to your choice by using different skins. Bright or tranquil, informative or plain you can choose the one that suits you.

3. Support of localization; for the consumer’s convenience, it is available in multiple languages.

4. Support of proxy server; HTC Home 2 can work in corporate networks that have access to the Internet through a proxy server.