WinMate is a software package which is a must have tool to ensure the smooth functioning of your computer devoid of any hang-ups and system errors. WinMate is one such tool which comes as a freeware and ensures that your computer stays healthy. Users agree it’s safer to keep tabs on your computer’s performance to ensure that it will give you a good user experience. Those who download and install a lot of applications and software and also install software frequently will know that their system can start giving sluggish response and slow down. WinMate is an easy and robust solution to these and many more problems. It’s simple interface does not require much knowledge and skill to operate. All you have to do is install the software, run it and let it automatically diagnose the errors and problems and suggest remedial measures to recognize and identify the problems and then eliminate them. Each problem that the application finds has a particular solution for the user to manually start. Its problem solving capabilities also stretch to Windows Internet Explorer, one of its applications ‘IE Tools’ which is based on solving Internet Explorer related bugs and problems, it helps you to manage plug ins and add-ons to ensure a smooth Internet experience. It also helps to clear your online tracks and web surfing history. It clears your temporary Internet folders and cookies, and saved passwords and Cache to clear up and free occupied disk space. It contains an application for updating Windows regularly, a program manager to help remove applications that are not required, a system back up option to back up favorite files and drivers in case of a crash.

It come power packed with features like System Process Manager, Disk Immune, File Wipe, Shared Manager and many more.

The WinMate download site says about WinMate that it’s a way to improve your computer’s performance and to speed up your PC. It states most problems may probably start with improper Windows settings. They maintain that such errors should not be ignored. Otherwise, those errors with settings can make your computer a mess. WinMate is a freeware which incorporates the newest technology to scan your whole computer and find errors. After that, it gives you trusted solutions. In addition, WinMate presents a broad range of utilities and security software for computer optimizing. With top-rated elements, you can remain away from possible hazards and fix system errors to decrease computer collapses, freezing and blue screen. Winmate is free to download from its website.