Last time I checked 3D motion pictures were limited to big screens in theatres but now I am amazed at the options available for getting the same 3D experience in the comfort of my house! All one needs is a good Blu-Ray 3D disk player launched as the Samsung BD-C6900 in the market, and a compatible LCD or plasma television with surround sound speakers to get the ultimate three Dimensional effect right at your house.

The Samsung BD-C6900 is equipped with loads of goodies such as:

  • The Blu-Ray 3D experience: With the help of 580 pixels per eye or the 1080 pixels per eye 3D glasses the 3D experience is sure to give you the thrills, and lets you watch movies with never before experience.
  • Internet@TV: The BD-C6900 is equipped with wifi as well as the wired connectivity that allows you to watch videos from the internet directly on television.
  • Ultra-Fast: The BD-C6900 has the capacity to play dvds and Blu-Rays at ultra high speeds as soon as the disk is loaded into the disk compartment. Thus, you would not have to kick the couch while waiting for the disk player to load from the disk.
  • Allshare: The BD-C6900 is equipped with the wireless all-share facility that allows you to view pictures or videos from your Personal Computer or Cell Phone directly without the hassles of USB’s or wires!
  • Upscale Option: The BD-C6900 up-scales DVD quality to the H-DVD quality and lets you have the experience which you will crave for more every time.
  • High End Design: The BD-C6900 has a high-end design that matches neck to neck the high-end features that it boasts of. The design is sleek (only 1.5 inches) and the transparent window that is present on the top side of the Blu-ray player lets you see the DVD spinning around as the player plays high quality images or videos on the television.
  • Surround Sound: The BD-C6900 offers the Digital Quality Surround sound through its high definition surround sound feature.
  • Internal Storage Capacity: The Samsung 3D Blu-ray player, the BD-C6900 has an internal storage capacity of 1GB.
  • Pandora feature for Audio downloads.

But there are certain Complaints from the users which have to be rectified by Samsung in order to sell more of these. These complaints include:

  • Difficulty in navigating through complex menus of the player
  • The player and the Television must be ON at all times during the usage of the Pandora feature for Audio song downloads.
  • Bad audio synchronization
  • DLNA streaming and other applications sometimes crash and the system hangs which requires a restart.

Small things create big impressions. Such small shortcomings of the product must not hinder its sales in any way and therefore Samsung really needs to rectify these problems so that they do not lose customers and can give the end-users a high quality 3dimensional movie experience.

With all these features present in one 3D Blu Ray player, it is a must have for any person seeking a multimedia experience like none other.