WordPress, the most extensively used blogging platform has rolled out its latest version 3.4 Green.
The most amazing aspect about this most up-to-date edition is that it will allow you to view new themes in a test mode before applying them to your blog site. Using the Theme Customize feature of this latest version, you can change backgrounds, colors, and customize image headers accordingly. The process of selecting images and backgrounds now is extremely simple.
In addition to this, WordPress 3.4 Green has the ability to incorporate HTML code to image captions, further enabling you to format captions and add links. Other noteworthy feature is the ability to convert Twitter links to fully formatted Twitter messages.
Advanced WordPress localization and internationalization, and split in translation POT files are a couple of other noteworthy features of WordPress 3.4 Green.
This version of WordPress has to offer rich media abilities and other digital assets, which were missing till now.