The biggest biometric database termed as the UID (Unique Identification) has been launched in India, by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Party Chief Sonia Gandhi. The UID has been one of the ambitious projects that have been undertaken by the Indian government to create a database that will provide relevant data with regard to population demographics.

The UID initiative was initially launched to tackle security threat that exists against terrorism in India. With a high terrorist attack ratio India has decided to create a biometric database that uses eye and fingerprint recognition to ascertain ones identity.

The UID is planned to be spread across the country in the next four years time. Currently, only 1,500 individuals from a small village called Tembhili have been given the UIDs. Once the project will be completed India will have the largest database of its citizens in the world.

UID is an ambitious project taken under the leadership of Nadan Nilekani. Satyam Mahendra has also been part of technological development of the project. In term of the technological aspects of the project UID is being seen as an ambitious development towards India’s IT potential.