Playing card games is one of the popular pastimes and Poker is one of the top favorites among them. World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend is a game you can play on various devices, be it the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry handset, Palm device, Nokia smartphone, or the Android phone.

The prominent feature in the latest version is the Multiplayer cash game section. The game also has Legend Career mode where you can earn several poker chips and set yourself on one shiny run. The mode offers seven different venues with different sets of difficulties. You would find similar gameplay in the Texas Hold’em mode as well. To guide you on new places, respective video cut-scenes have been included in the game. You would face nine opponents in each match. The plot and challenges are easy to cover for the beginners as the game offers smooth play.

There are integrated features in the game, such as online leaderboards, personal stats, achievements to unlock, etc. The user-interface is minimal and simple for ease of playing. The multiplayer mode of World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend itself has two modes – Online Multiplayer and Peer-To-Peer Heads Up. Online mode offers nine players on the same table, though the time limit is placed for check, raise, or fold. On the other hand, in the Peer-To-Peer Heads Up mode, you can pair with another player through Bluetooth to play against. There are icons to show specificity in the game, such as a bar next to your own cards indicates its strength. Similarly, a question mark on a set of cards indicates that it is a weak hand. You can save your best hands for the fun of replays. You can also listen to music while playing through the game.

World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend can be a cool card game for you to have some gambling fun right on your device. To download, you can visit the Glu Games website.

Version: 1.9.5

Publisher: Glu Games Inc.

Platform: iOS, Blackberry, Palm, Ovi Store, Android

Language: English

Size: 223 MB