First let us discuss, what is VBA. VBA is an implementation of Microsoft’s event driven programming language Visual basic 6. It is an acronym of Visual Basic for Applications and it is also an implementation of associated integrated development environment. IDE is built into most of the MS office applications. There are so many features of VBA like it enables developers to develop user defined functions, automate processes and access Win32. It isbuilt into several office applications apart from version 2008 for Apple’s Mac OS X, other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Map Point and Microsoft Visio. VBA is also can be partially integrated with some other applications like AutoCAD, WordPerfect and ArcGIS. VBA can also be used to control several aspects of the host applications, including manipulating user interface features like menus and toolbars and working with custom user forms and dialog boxes. You can also use VBA to integrate with other programs also like PDF.

If you want to use VBA with an application such as Excel, you will need terminology and language constructions to interact with an application.This is called the object model for the application. You can get online this model for Excel and for Word. You can easily found it by opening the Macro/VBA editor in the target application and then using view to open the object browser.

You can also learn VBA easily and with a little practice you can learn and be a controller of this programming language and you can save time with adding the time-saving automation to your spreadsheets.

Now in this article we will discuss how to write an Excel VBA program. You just have to follow the steps given below.


To write Excel program, the first step is to open the visual basic editor. Press ALT+F11 or you can also select macros from tools menu to open the visual basic editor.


Now the second step is to open the module from the insert menu.


In the insert menu; just type sub and name of your program. Now press enter.


Now between sub and end sub, you need to type your Excel VBA program for example we will see an example program:
Sub Macro1()” Macro1 Macro’ Macro recorded 12/04/2006 by TechGinie ”Sheets(“Sheet1”). Select Sheets. Add Active Cell. Formula R1C1 = “Monday”Range(“A1”).SelectSelection.AutoFill Destination:=Range(“A1:A7”),Type:=xlFillDefaultRange(“A1:A7”).SelectEnd Sub


After typing the program, you want the program to run. So, to run the program, press F5 and click play button on the toolbar or you can also click Run Sub/User Form from the Run menu.
If you want to learn VBA in a suitable way then try to record Macros and study the code. So, it is not that tough to learn the Excel programming and you can learn it also via online. All the codes are available online, you just need to download and study the codes. You can get the exact idea from this article.