The latest addition to the technologically savvy Advanced Micro Device lover’s collection is the Paul Smith flip flops chipset manufactured by the XFX 750a SLi motherboard. This product is inclusive of graphics making it a total must-have for the AMD fascinated public.


You will find attractive features on the motherboard such as SLI suppoer, GeForce Boost and Hybrid SLI. This baby is hooked up with all the NVIDIA utilities one can think of. It is in sync with the traditional green and black signifying XFX. The steel heat pipes added to it features along with the first PCIe slot under which are two PCI X1 slot, makes it a complete eye-candy.

Other than having three additional PCI slots on the board, the XFX 750a SLi motherboard also comes with a large PCI jumper in the middle of two PCIe slots. The Bios button can be pressed to light up; it is a new addition along with the Reset and Start button. There are overclocking facilities in the Bios which can be customized to reset the settings only by flashing the motherboard settings. Tests carried out on the motherboard have reaped positive benefits till now.

Despite having a 750a MCP chipset on its board, the XFX 750a SLi can give serious competition to the NVIDIA 8300 as far as functionality is concerned. Its ability to conserve energy by using the Hybrid SLI makes it an ideal possession for the faithful AMD follower. If you are looking for high quality integrated graphic this is the motherboard you should buy yourself.


When it started manufacturing motherboards, the XFX was known for its nForce 590 SLI motherboards. The AMD giant has come a long way today by having an impressive line of products including the NVIDIA strip of chipsets as well as the nForce 750a SLI, the 780a SLI and the 790i SLI version of motherboards. The nForce 750a lineup of motherboards does not include the 730a and 750i nForce, despite the latter two being in use at present by some manufacturers. Most boards in the present day rest on the nForce 750a SLI chiplet.

Other than using the latest in technology, this version of the XFX motherboards has the added attraction of integrated graphics. This is an additional incentive for those who are enthusiastic about AMD products. Environmentally conscious users should be happy to know that the technology used in creating this product includes hybrid power which leads us a fraction of the distance closer to a greener future for computers.The 95W TDP CPUs are supported by the nForce 750a. This is in addition to the smooth working of the 140W 9950 when it was tested for support as well.

Therefore, the XFX 750a SLi motherboard is truly the mother of all boards which seems to have a stable future in the computer world based on its test performance and high-end features.