In 2007, Fairlight, an Australian company invented a new type of digital audio production device- Xynergi keyboard. After its launch, Xynergi Keyboard created a revolution in the world of audio and video editing technology.


Xynergi, which looks like any ordinary keyboard, is actually a desktop media production unit. It is mainly designed for meeting the media editing requirements of small but professional studios. With the help of this device, audio engineers can record audio tracks, modify, add affects, mix several tracks together and edit video files. It is a very good choice for small recording studios and media companies that need a setup, which is able to edit video and audio files in less time.

Xynergi keyboard follows the standard QWERTY layout; however it is different from an ordinary keyboard in many ways. The keyboard has knobs, a rectangular color monitor, and a dial – called jog wheel. An audio engineer who uses Xynergi can use the keys to edit and mix video and audio files.

In a traditional media mixing devices there are numerous knobs, switches and toggles used for editing and mixing jobs. But in Xynergi, these switches are replaced by keys that perform multiple functions; this unique feature is called self labeling. In self labeling, each key acts as a tiny monitor, which displays different letters, characters, symbols corresponding to the related function. When user changes the operating mode, the key label changes itself and the keys automatically perform new function.

Main Components

Fairlight has innovated CC-1 card which is the main processing power of Xynergi. The CC-1 card acts as both a microprocessor and a PCI-Express card slot. The Xynergi keyboard can be connected to a PC with the help of CC-1 card via computer’s expansion slot. The CC-1 is a FPGA device which acts as a processor. The processing of audio during editing or mixing runs on the CC-1 card and it has no affect on computer’s CPU. Thus CPU’s processing power is available for use in other programs.


Xynergi keyboard can be used for both word typing and multimedia editing purposes. For changing the function mode you will have to push a key that is mapped to a specific function. The Jog wheel can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise to advance the track or reverse it respectively. The color screen, neighboring buttons and knobs together are known as Pad. Along with the color screen which is designed to show the title of audio track, there are bars for dispalying distribution of track’s sound over different channels and an equalizer. It also has an automatic editing function, along with a built in help feature which guides new users by providing information about any function. Designed for recording, editing, mixing tracks and playback of the original or customized sound or video tracks, Xynergi keyboard is an amazing device.

Although the Xynergi keyboard might sound expensive, but compared to the multiple equipments one ends up buying in a traditional studio, the Xynergi keyboard is value for money for small studios looking to make a big impact!