Both Yahoo and Google are in a competition to bring internet to TV in the best possible way in order to increase their online advertisement and e-tail income. Yahoo is by far a lead in introducing its Yahoo TV by 18 months as Google won’t be launching its Google TV until fall this year. Although it presented the idea to public in May this year. Even though both services differ characteristically, they still are in a tough competition against each other since the key element is the same, Internet on TV.

The Set-up

Although the service provided by each will be different, both are most likely to use a special set top box or a special TV itself to broadcast their transmission. The consumers will have to buy one of them in order to receive services from the company. It is like a digital cable TV service only connected with internet, providing extra services and more authority to the users. People will be able to watch TV and surf net at the same time.

The System

Yahoo TV will use widgets in order to provide internet facilities. Widgets are small programs that run independently. These widgets will enable users to access internet services within their TV. Users will able to choose shopping, news, videos, social networking and other such websites that are available on the internet. Unfortunately Yahoo has been able to provide 50 widgets only yet. These include Google’s websites YouTube and eBay. There are about 150 more pending widgets as well.

On the other hand Google is going to provide a completely different environment to its users. It plans to bring the entire Internet inside a TV set. The user will begin with a web browser for users to type in a query for a either a TV show or an internet website. This seems to be a more versatile and attractive deal but one can only be sure when they actually use it.


Although both are competitors, they face different challenges. Yahoo needs more and better internet access while Google requires a reliable and cooperative TV service provider that can handle the load and hold up as well. What’s been heard until now is that Google has incorporated just one such firm, Dish Network. Dish Network is a very popular and widely used TV service provider with almost 14.3 million subscribers. It is known for its reliable and quality service all over. Alliance of such a firm, that is both professional and experienced at the same time, will serve Google well in achieving its purpose.

But the question in doubt is that will local television service providers feel comfortable in such an alliance with Google. Or will they be just a little reluctant in handing over too much control to Google. Time will tell.

For now the only thing to be considered is that how will the new technology affect the lives of people. It will take people a while to adapt to new form of television and help it take place of a regular TV.