In an announcement made on Wednesday Yahoo UK announced that it has become the exclusive rights holder for Premier League football highlight videos in the United Kingdom. Yahoo UK beat out Virgin to get highlights to be broadcast online.

This deal for Yahoo UK is going to start in August and will last until 2013. The value of the deal is worth millions of pounds in value. There is no available information around with regards to specifics on how much money is going to be involved with the entire offer.

The deal will allow Yahoo UK to show highlight clips of individual Premier League matches. Each clip will be five minutes long and will feature all of the big moments and plays that occur in each match. Every team in the Premier League from the Blackburn Rovers to the Sunderland Football Club can be seen through these videos. Playoff games can also be accessed.

This is something that is going to be beneficial to football fans in that it will give them a way to catch all sorts of different football highlights. People can catch their favourite teams and players in action thanks to these videos. They will be used as a means of helping to expand the reach that people have to this product. This is especially useful for people who may not be able to catch live matches and those who do not have easy access to live match broadcasts of particular teams.

All highlights will be made available in short periods of time as well. The search engine will offer a highlight video for a match on midnight of the same day as when a match took place. For matches that occur on weekends highlights will be posted at midnight on Sunday.

In addition to this deal Yahoo UK will be able to get the rights to offer these highlights to third party websites. These include fan-based websites, news organisation sites and more. This is something that is expected to help get the search engine to earn millions of pounds in revenue thanks to the interest that people have over the sport.

Additional revenue will be available to the search engine through advertising packages. Video advertising packages will be made available to different sponsors. These sponsors will pay Yahoo UK to get their adverts to appear before and after highlight videos. The value of each package is unknown. It is expected to be high thanks to the popularity of Premier League football.

This is not the only package that Yahoo has gotten with regards to sports highlight videos. The United States branch of this search engine has a deal to air highlights of ice hockey and basketball games to people in the United States. Similar advertising deals and syndication rights are offered in these American contracts. The contract that is being made with the Premier League is essentially going to be the same as that of what is used for the contracts for these two sports in America.