Sometimes you can just get tired of running Internet Explore 8 in your Windows 7 operating system and might feel the need to remove it. Well, it is a relatively easy task to uninstall it and change to other browser you want.  If you have seen the progression of Windows Internet Explorer from the fifth version to the eight and are calling it quits with the browser, the steps to do so are quite easy and I will share them with you here.

Annoying and Hard to Uninstall, Not now?

I know sometimes uninstalling windows programs when using an operating system from Windows manufactures can be bothersome and borderline annoying. It might just refuse to uninstall or give you unnecessary hard time just because the OS was made by Windows. But that challenge, as was experienced in the earlier other versions of Windows is no more in Windows 7 as it allows you to uninstall Internet explore 8 if you do not want to use it anymore.

Reason for the Feature in Windows 7

Analysts believe Microsoft’s decision to include the Uninstall feature for Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7 was motivated by the prevailing antitrust challenges the software giant has come under in recent years from the European Union. The EU has constantly pressured Microsoft to provide a variety of browsers options for its users or cease offering Internet Explorer.  Regardless, the uninstall feature comes as a great addition to the Microsoft Windows 7 as it offers the alternative to relocate to other better browsers if Internet Explore is not doing it for you. Previously it was hard to remove internet explorer from Windows operating systems as it had been incorporated into the operating system as one of its vital features.

To uninstall internet explore 8 in Windows 7 build 7048, simply do the following:


  • Access your Control Panel and go to the All Control Panel Options, click to open the tab
  • Once here, click the tab Programs and Features and open it as well
  • In Your Programs and Features left sidebar, you will see the tab Turn Windows Features On or off. Note that of you highlight UAC; the computer will give you a UAC prompt.
  • However, you will find a list  and from this list, uncheck Internet Explorer 8
  • Once you have unchecked Internet Explore 8 for removal, click on the OK tab to confirm the changes and immediately, a prompt asking you to reboot your machine will pop up
  • Agree to the reboot prompt and reboot your computer, it will reboot once to configure your new settings and reboot again for the changes to take full effect.

Regardless of Microsoft’s move to allow the uninstall feature in Windows 7, there is no telling if this might continue in future or this is its beginning and end. But odds are Microsoft might want to keep this feature for the benefit of its end users who want options and alternatives; after all you paid for the product and must get all the flexibility you can after spending you money.