In today’s modern era, managing professional, personal, and social life is quite a task. There is always something or the other happening that keeps you on your toes. And when you think you have done all, in the middle of the night you suddenly wake up in a panic over all those things you forgot to do. But, if you have an Android-based device, you can have a good night sleep and get your life organized. Wondering how? There is an array of apps available that will help you track all the stuff you need to do. For your convenience, here we present the best to-do apps available for the Android platform.

Google Keep

If you have a habit of forgetting things easily, this app can assist you to recall them. Using this app, you can easily capture what is on your mind. You can create a checklist, snap a photo, enter a voice note, or make notes, and have them sync with the Google Keep site instantly.


Another useful app that can help you organize your life is Wunderlist. It is one of the prettiest to-do apps that enable you to create multiple lists with notes, subtasks, calendar reminders, and share them with other Wunderlist users. Whether you want to share a shopping list, plan an overseas adventure, or simply track your everyday to-dos, this app can help you get things done. The best part of this app is that all the data of the app automatically gets synced across other devices. Also, e-mail, push, and in-app notifications of the app lets you track the progress of your activities, tasks, or projects.


With Any.Do, you can’t skip anything from your to-do list. This app includes an innovative day planner that automatically pops up at the starting of your day. The app keeps reminding you about all your tasks one by one. You can swipe off a task to mark it as complete and shake your android device to delete the completed tasks. To make your tasks easier, you can share your to-do list on Any.Do with your family, friends, and colleagues.
Keep your life simple with all the to-do apps available for Android platforms.