Whenever people wonder what they can invent, their main goal is to make people’s lives easier in any way that they can. A crucial need for some people is their need for several communication devices. Many need as many as three numbers that can be used for work, home and private lines. In some countries there is a need for more than one network provider and in some cases, for their roaming devices. It is somewhat inconvenient for some people to provide several numbers and harder still when there are emergencies and you cannot be contacted.

Google has created Google Voice, a service that will render the problem obsolete by providing you with a customizable phone management service which assists you in managing your numbers. Google Voice has the ability to ring more than one phone, either at the exact same time or individually. This depends on your preferences, for example, when you only want to be contacted through your work number or if you want to be reached on all of them. Its web-based voicemail with instant text transcription sets personalized greetings for different callers and numbers. This also includes the ability to send and receive unlimited text messages. The best thing about all of this is, it’s free!

Most would feel that the Google voice system is very complex, but in reality, it is very easy to use.

Go online to the Google Voice Web site and sign up for a new account. A regular Google account is required before you can begin, so you have to create one of those to if you don’t have it.

Once you are signed in, the system will assist you by walking you through the process of selecting your phone number. You can choose the area code and select from any number available. You can even search for numbers with special number combinations in case you want to personalize it. There is also the option of selecting a PIN and then you will be able to add your first forwarding phone, whatever it is that you need to connect to your account. You will be able to add more numbers later.

The most beneficial aspect of Google voice is that you can keep only a single number that’ll be able to reach you, no matter what place you are in or what kind of cell phone or landline you happen to be near to. This is quite useful when you move out of your place or if you plan to change your number suddenly.

After signing in, you will find yourself in the Google Voice home screen. The main part of the screen shows your voicemails and text messages. On the top-left of the screen, you’ll see the buttons that allow you to place phone calls or send text messages for free. An included feature is when you call someone; the number that will show up is your Google voice number.

Starting with the basics, you should click on the “Settings” option on the top right part of the screen. This is where you can manage multiple phones. By clicking “Edit” next to any phone number, you can edit its parameters. When you select the “Show advanced settings” option, you can customize when Google Voice will be able to ring your phones. For example, you can be reached on all phones during the evening, but only on your work and private phones during the day.

In “Voicemail & Text”, you have the option to record your own voicemail greeting. You can record as many as you want and set it to play on different circumstances also. Aside from that, you can also tell Google Voicehow to handle your voicemails and text messages from this screen.

The “Calls” section is a primary option. This will allow you to enable or disable call screening. When enabled, you will hear a recording from Google voice anytime you answer your phone. It will tell you who is calling and give you the option to either answer or send the call to voicemail. When you choose to send the caller to voicemail, you can listen while they leave a message and choose whether you will answer it or not during.

Under “Groups” tab, you can divide your contacts into different categories and then specify how the calls are handles. For example, you can program Google Voice to answer calls from clients only during the day and send them to voicemail at night. Imagine the possibilities a system like this can provide. Your daily routines will become much easier when you don’t have to program every little aspect of your calls and instead, let Google Voice handle them like your very own secretary.