YouTube being the very popular video sharing service on the online world is coming up with many ventures lately. It is signing in many of the partnerships with vendors around the world to provide better services. They are bringing in new and exciting services to make sure that you get the best available experience in the world of multimedia.

YouTube 3D:

YouTube has been working on the concept of 3D television experience for quite some time as the technology has been under serious development around the world. There had been many partnerships that YouTube has signed in this domain and the one with Sony and Panasonic is perhaps for the same reason. There are subtle chances that the YouTube 3D plans be achieved by the next 12 months.

The statement was officially launched by one of the executives from Sony who stated that YouTube would be a part of the upcoming 3D offering authored by Sony. There are developments that are planned in Sony’s PlayStation and the future models that the game console is going to have. The Future PlayStation will be offering games all in 3D with a support with YouTube that has been working on plan of 3D.

The official statement from Sony state that viewers are going to have YouTube 3D videos in no more than an year and the users who have PlayStation 3 will be able to enjoy them on their systems. The PlayStation 3 will also offer you playback for the 3D pictures and the 3D movies that you might record with a camcorder.

System Requirements:

You will be required to have a setup that supports 3D content over on it. Even if you watch 3D on YouTube, you need a display that gives 3D output and has a HDMI compliant video card. For the output, you will need a TV or Operating system that works good with the 3D setup.

There seem to be a number of videos around on YouTube that are 3D in terms of quality and you can experience the experiments done on the technology in case the system requirements are fulfilled by your setup. The only limitation with this 3D content is that there seems to be no protocol of YouTube associated with this content.

Google-Sony’s Partnership:

Both the companies Sony and Google have been working on multiple joint ventures in the past to provide excellent quality products to the consumers around the world. The best of these was perhaps the GoogleTV as well as Logitech. The joint venture of 3D does not seems to be something alien anymore as both the companies are comfortable working with each other. The most exciting part will be when both of these companies are going to join hands in the mobile devices arena producing a product with combined effort.

The recent news of 3D content authoring from YouTube seems to be a strong one as there are a number of sources around the world that are developing 3D compatible hardware. This is perhaps a step towards dealing with the compatibility issues with 3D in the near future. At least, YouTube 3D will launch in no more then 12 months.