Learning gets just better, walls vanish, places shrink, the global classroom, as YouTube puts it, has just arrived

YouTube, the revolutionary and most popular platform for media streaming, has launched yet another channel dedicated to build up a knowledge resource for better and interactive learning — YouTube for Schools. Just few days back, it had introduced two similar channels — YouTube Teacher and YouTube EDU. While the Teacher channel is aimed to facilitate teachers with some ways to teach the students in more conducive manner, the EDU channel is a database of educational videos for students at all levels. In this view, the latest release appears a step further in the same direction.

YouTube for Schools can serve as a significant tool when it comes to sharing the knowledge with the students. Once a school signs-up with a Google account, it can access all the videos that are on YouTube EDU. The videos range from short and quick lessons to full courses and lectures from the reputable universities around the world. The school management can create and control the playlists of different videos, to be shown on its user account. Moreover, while the management can access all the videos listed on the EDU channel, the students would be able to access only those allowed by it. The interface is customized in such a way that the features, such as related videos and comments, would be disabled by default.

With such an initiative, it could be marked as the beginning of an innovative concept in the field of education. In due course of time, YouTube for Schools can become a milestone endeavor, proving to be global, effective and enriching to a multitude of young minds and budding scholars.

To register an account, visit the YouTube for Schools webpage.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NegRGfGYOwQ]