YouTube and Google Maps have been regarded as the most popular Samsung Smart TV Apps. According to Yonhap news agency, Google Maps and YouTube are the most widely watched channels by the smart TV users. YouTube is mostly used for downloads and merges TV viewing and downloading. The specific number of downloads is not mentioned. Samsung launched its applications store in March 2010. Google Maps, the runner-up on applications for the television is unlike the smart phones offering no specific location to map. The information is not location based and therefore needs a global positioning system (GPS) to apply similar features as the web based system. In South Korea, the most popular TV application is Google Maps which is seconded with the Twitter social networking service where exchanging messages that are short in nature can be done.

To expand its application operations, Samsung is employing more developers. They are going to have more people work on the applications that they have and also provide content on a regional basis. With making the content available widely, it is hoping to build up TV buyers’ loyalty. Samsung has entered into a partnership with Time Warner, Comcast, Adobe Systems, while aiming to lift its sales of the smart TV from 5 million reported in 2010 to 12 million in 2011. Further, Samsung also said that the applications had a series of downloading within the 11 month period since launch.

Using web connected applications on the Samsung Smart TV can work out to be very interesting. You can stream up your movies downloadable from Netflix or from Blockbuster TV, TV shows from the Hulu, and videos from YouTube. While these downloads can be updated with your Twitter accounts, it is no wonder that so many people are using YouTube and Google Maps to serve their needs. So much so, people are relying on these channels to serve them on all their requirements. With their collaboration with the horde of companies who will help to provide downloads, Google will do it well in providing such services. With all kinds of downloads made available, Google is perhaps a steady favorite of many of the users. These applications have been very popular in providing downloads on Samsung smart TV. More users are expected to join in over the next year after the tie-up between Google and other companies.