Sharing is what Internet was meant for and the real sense of sharing was introduced past year 2000 when there was a reform in the world of development. There had been development in the Internet world before that but this year marked the increase in pace of the development on every front. One of such development was YouTube that came into somewhere in year 2005 by three developers who were previously working for PayPal. Google as being the king of the Internet world purchased YouTube somewhere in the end of November 2006 for some $ 1.65 billion. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google Inc.

The website is perhaps the heaven to all those who wish to share their videos on the world of Internet world. You can share videos of unlimited length and unlimited volume to YouTube and it would be available to people around the world. The site is doing some real business through advertisements and other channels that are being managed by tycoons from the corporate world.

YouTube under Google

YouTube was a concept that was unique in its way but the site was not as attractive and interactive in the early days. it has undergone a lawsuit as well that did a damage of around 1 billion to the website. The campaign against YouTube was launched somewhere in year 2007 and it was stated that Google was sharing videos without appropriate copyrights of the videos available on the internet.

The legal campaign was brought up by Viacom because they accused YouTube to display many of the videos, movies and programs had been uploaded on the website from users around the world. There was no permission taken from the source about the publishing therefore it was taken as an offence. The judiciary gave provision of a Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA in order to deal such cases in future and overruled the request launched by Viacom for the time being.

The expected outcomes of DCMA

No one can actually tell you about the impact of this decision would bring to the online world as the act has not been carved until now. YouTube would certainly be the on the edge because people from all around the world have shared millions of videos on the portal without even caring about the possible copyright rules and regulations that would possibly be associated with them. nonetheless, the video site provides you with quality digital stuff of every type that is visible to everyone who uses the internet.

User discretion policy is implied in case the video is not suitable for someone of a certain age group or ethnic background in order to make sure that no one is offended. The videos that were reported by Viacom were removed and the aftermath was serious.

YouTube’s ventures

YouTube has made serious and long term agreements with the movies and video sharings:

  • November 2008 marks the agreement with MGM, Lion Gate Entertainment and CBS according to which they can upload their full length movies and TV episodes on the website in order to share them. They could even post their advertisements in a different section.
  • March 2010 marked the affiliation of YouTube with Indian Premier League and all the 60 matches under the tournament were visible to the sports lovers from around the world.
  • March 2010 marks the new design to the website as well that has made it a lot more interactive than ever before. Later, it was also notices that YouTube was being watched by more than two billion users every day.

The deal with Google was a very profitable one and Google has taken the platform at great heights as every other subsidiary organization of theirs.