Almost all of the Networks on which you connect your computer impose some kind of policy over you. They might restrict you browsing Adult sites, Social sites, or dating sites. They may also not allow you to make Internet calls using Skype or any other chatting application. It could happen anywhere and everywhere. Such policies can be seen in offices, schools, colleges and other public networks. At times we want to break such policies and access all that we want, but hats off to the network administrators that we could not do the same till now, but now with the help of VPN Internet software we can easily break all the policies and surf the internet the way we want.

VPN Internet helps its users to bypass all the network restrictions and gives them the freedom to browse anything and everything. In order to do so you need to connect to the VPN internet server through an encrypted connection and that would be all. Once you get connected your computers IP address is spoofed by an IP address somewhere from United States or from Europe, and your network provider would then not be able to imply any policy on your computer. It is a very easy and simple way to get rid of all the restrictions and you do not even need to use any proxy connection for that. Please take it as an advice that proxy services have all the capabilities to capture and monitor the traffic going in and out of your computer system and if they want they can hack crucial information as well. So just beware.

The VPN Internet connection can also remove all the restrictions from your mobile internet connection if you are using your mobile phone to connect to the web. Your Mobile service provider would have blocked the usage of Skype on their network but with the usage of VPN Internet you can do that with great ease.

When you connect to VPN worldwide your connections safe and encrypted and nobody can trace your IP address. All the information gets routed from VPN worldwide server and nobody can even come to know your actual service provider or your location. Your service provider who has all the technological capability to monitor your connection would also not be able to spy on you if it does. Your identity on the internet would change into Anonymous and you will stay hidden till the time you stay connected with VPN Internet. VPN Internet also encrypts all the traffic coming and going out of your computer so using your computer on public networks like Hotels, Airports etc would be very safe and risk free.

Just another benefit of using VPN Internet would be of obtaining an IP address which belongs to US or Europe. There are many websites which open only on computers which are located in US or Europe. Since your computer will now be recognised with an IP address of US or Europe so you would be able to access all the location specific websites freely.VPN Worldwide is not free of cost and charges a small amount for offering its services. As of now it charges a minimum of $9.99 per month for using its services.