At many instances you would come across situations when you would try to play a media files and would come up in different players where as you would want it to play in any other player.

Lets take an example when ever you open the a mp3 files or an audio file you would want it come up in iTunes or in Windows Media Player and When ever you open a video file you would want it come up in a VLC media player or any of Blue Ray Player for better video output. But it will not happen on its own and you realize this when you open a audio player and it comes up in VLC instead of iTunes it is irritating as you have to close it and launch it either right click and then choose the one that says open with and then select iTunes. When ever you come across such problem you wonder what you can do to change open it with what you want. Today we will discuss something that will help you to increase the flexibility of your computer.

Step 1: Once you open the Control Panel go for the once that says AutoPlay. In case you don’t see it Please click on the one that says Category and choose from the drop down the once that says Small Icons and then you should be able to locate AutoPlay.

Step 2: Once you locate AutoPlay please make sure the Check box at the top is checked and then you should be able to use the screen to set the Default Players for the files that you are trying to listen or view, which could be image or audio files or a video files.

Step 3: Incase you have made changes that you are not sure of and ant to return to the old stage please scroll to the bottom of the screen and then please click Reset all defaults. This bring media file’s setting to the default status.

The above steps tat we have mentioned will help you to not only make media player more fast for you as you can just click on the files and it will open in the player that you have assigned but it will also open the images in the specific viewer and will make things lot simpler and fast. And at any point if you want to open it with any another player only for one time you can just right click and choose the option open with to open it with the another program and next time onward it will be back  to your instruction and open with the program you have assigned it to.