Windows 7 is the latest Operating System launched by Microsoft and it is doing fairly good on the desktop and laptops, but it is still in question when it comes to Tablets which run of Windows 7. There are many reasons based on consumer feedback and expert critics and in this post I will discuss top 10 reasons why Tablet computers running on Windows 7 are not becoming a success and stay in questions?

Security Issues: the major concern is of security and that is because it is a Windows based operating system and Windows is the biggest victim of cyber attacks and other infections. Other tablet PCs also don’t carry many security measures but since they are powered by non-Windows operating systems so they are not likely to get infected, as there are no known infections for Operating systems like Android or iOS.

Navigation Issues: All Windows Operating Systems are meant to be used by the help of a Mouse and Keyboard and the latest edition of Windows 7 is no exception to this approach. Since Windows 7 is basically designed to be worked by a mouse and a keyboard so the tablets powered by Windows 7 does not carry very user friendly navigation.

Apple Dominates: Apple was the creator of Tablet PC as iPad and later on many other companies started developing such device but none of them have been able to even touch the place that Apple holds in the ladder of Table PCs. Google has by far done quite good in its Android Tablet PCs but other companies like Microsoft have to go a long way to get to the point where Apple is today.

Why Operating System: Apple, which is the creator of first Tablet PC has quoted that Tablet PCs don’t need a fully fledged operating system as a tablet PC will be never asked to perform all the operations which a Desktop or a Laptop can perform. Thus operating systems like Windows 7 will do nothing but overburden the Tablet.

Products Range: Windows 7 Tablet PC is just one machine which is there in the market holding Windows operating system in it. But on the other hand the competitor Google is only creating the Operating system and is getting it sold on various tablets manufactured by Samsung, LG, Acer etc thus increasing the user base and popularity.

Escape from Windows: Windows operating systems are the most used operating systems in the world and users might not like the same on their Tablet PCs. Tablet PCs are considered to be an escape from the same Windows style of navigation and security concerns. Google’s Android and iOS have so far played a good game and have attracted the users in using a non-windows based computing device.

Failure in Past: Microsoft has been in Tablet industry for quite some time now and the earlier edition was the Tablet PC powered by Windows XP. This model couldn’t get huge success and was used by very limited users. So if the first Tablet PC by Microsoft was not a success then why should the latest one be?

Why the same OS: Windows 7 has been the best release by Microsoft when it comes to Desktop and Laptop operating systems, but using the same operating system even on Tablets is not a very welcomed idea. People work differently on Tablets as Desktops and Tablets have entirely different set of use, so why the same OS even on a Tablet?

Application Support: Microsoft Windows 7 can install almost any application on itself but this is not what users look for in a Tablet PC. Apple’s iStore and Google’s Marketplace have a lot more to offer to their users than Microsoft.

Enterprise Only: Microsoft is quite accepted and popular in the enterprises as it has a lot to offer to them, but for normal users Google and Apple are doing good. Just think that why would a normal user require Microsoft Outlook in his Tablet PC when he has all such applications well setup on his Desktop or Laptop computer? Microsoft definitely needs to think something out of the box.