Goldman Sachs is one of the largest investment firm bases in West Street New York. They primarily cater to the institutional clients in investment banking, securities and management. They provide services to major mergers and actuations to big companies. They also provide advisory services to underwriting services, asset management and brokerage services.

Apart from all these services, Goldman Sachs also performs regular research and analysis for all the major organizations on the basis of their financial structure and business planning.  In the same fashion, Goldman Sachs research note was released recently and it created a lot of buzz in the financial market. The research was about  Microsoft and it mentioned that Microsoft is about to face some challenges in the following year of 2011 and the company’s growth can drop down from 12% per annum to 7 % per annum.

The research performed by Goldman Sachs was specifically in the section of Mobile Phone and tablet PCs ventures launched by Microsoft. Last year, Microsoft has performed so many developments and got revenue benefits from its Xbox and Windows mobile project.  As per the market research, Company got almost 13.1 percent of growth in sales with these new projects.

The Goldman Sachs research says that even if Microsoft got such benefit last year, they are about to face financial challenges in the year of 2011 with their poor planning and implementation in Tablet PC.

Microsoft first came into the tablet PC market in the year of 2001 with the complete development and support dedicated to Tablet Computing. Their Tablet PCs are pen-based and comes with hand writing and voice recognition support.

The market of tablet PC is increasing day by day as a tablet PCs are very compact yet equally useful as a laptop or any personal computers. Microsoft has been doing so many evolvements in Tablet PC development but as far as the Goldman Sachs research shows, these efforts are not sufficient to attract the large numbers of investors and users.

The research has also pointed out the fact Microsoft has still not revealed the sales number of Windows Phone 7. These numbers are going to be the key revelation for the speech for Consumer Electronic Show and everyone is expecting good numbers but companies silence is saying a different story.

There have also been so many speculations, if Microsoft is going to bring the same experience in the large form-factor devices like Tablet PCs or not. As of now it seems that the Tablet PCs development and manufacturing is not in Microsoft’s major priority list and they are so far putting lot of effort and energy in Cloud Computing, Gaming console and Windows Mobile 7 development.