4 Power Tools for Students is a recent venture of Microsoft Education. Microsoft launched this product, a combination of four tools, in August 2010. The product is specially made for kids to enrich their learning experience. The tool package is aimed for toughest school projects by just having a computer with the recent Windows Operating System.

The first tool, Microsoft Math enables the students to complete high quality math and science homework by saving their time. Apart from mathematics, students can also use this for clearing their concepts of physics. It makes their vision clear for the mathematical and scientific concepts in a way they have never seen them before. It provides a base for deeper understanding of fundamental concepts and helps to tackle most difficult problems by step by step instructions. It is featured with Step- by-Step Equation Solver, Full-Featured Graphing Calculator for two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) color graphs for better illustrations of concepts and problems. A Formulas and Equation Library is there to know the commonly used equations and formulae for your problem, for geometrical part, a Triangle Solver to explore and understand triangles and their parts better. An Unit Conversion Tool for quickly converting the units like weight, volume, temperature, time, power, velocity etc. And an Ink Handwriting Support for recognizing handwritten problems and working with them.

The second tool, Microsoft Power Point is featured with sophisticated and easy to use program. It comes with dozens of in-built slide templates categorized as academic, nature, scientific and world culture. These templates help students to give appreciable presentations to their teachers. Many new features include automatically saving presentation, embed, play videos in presentations and use transitions with 3-D motions. It can also be saved on a web server and worked from anywhere.

The Microsoft OneNOte 2010 provides a way of organizing, managing and sharing notes in a simplified way. It can easily capture typed and handwritten text, diagrams, webpage content and audio notes ina single place. Students can use this for recording lectures, organizing notes by page and section, creating outlines etc. The new features it includes are touch support, a mini translator an automatic linking to notes for further reference. With this software students won’t have to carry the heavy load of notebooks and can easily share their notes with teachers and friends.

Microsoft Office.com Images helps students to insert images in their presentations. It provides a wide range of choices and over 150,000 pieces of art including photos, cartoon or media clips. This tool helps in accessing clip arts and images from Power Point and downloading them from Office.com.

These four tool package provides information regarding projects and help in building them. Apart from this work it gives an opportunity to open student’s minds to a sphere of curiosity, ideas, inspiration and creativity. It inculcates in them the fundamentals and helps them to grow with a higher rate.