Microsoft Windows has created many kind of phones but Windows Phone 7 is the best of all, if you are a smart phone lover and you like to use a great smart phone which has various applications and great display quality then Windows phone 7 is for you. In Windows phone 7 you can use internet faster and you can take images by their well resolution cameras, Windows phone 7 is a new age phones, you can use Windows phone 7 with their new kinds of technologies and its created by Microsoft which is serving us its programs in different ways, you all use Windows operating systems on your computers and Microsoft Offices to work better, and now from several past years Microsoft Windows also giving us Phones it has smart phones which are good in every manner, there are many different companies offers smart phones but Windows has its own place.

Windows 7 Phone has a strong list of applications which you can use and enjoy your Windows Phone, there are several useful applications in Windows Phone 7 and following are 5 of them.

Application number 1: Shazam

Windows phone 7 has one of the nicest Shazam applications you have seen for any other smart phone, its panoramic interface works well and you can tag an unlimited number of songs to find out what catchy number on the radio is. Also you can buy songs through Zune in Windows phone 7.

Application number 2: Flickr Manager

By Flickr Manager you can see Facebook images from friends who link their account to Windows Live, it has well written application in that you enjoy your own photos as well as your loved ones pictures and the groups you are in, in Flickr you can upload photos from your phone and you can add comments and even see basic account traffic stats.

Application number 3: inheartradio

Inheartradio is another great application of Windows phone 7, in this application you can streaming internet radio US style with around 750 radio stations from across America, you can get lyrics for the playing track and you can also buy songs through a link, in inheartradio you can sign up a free account and you can make your own radio station but you need to zip a US zip code to sign up.

Application number 4: Adobe Reader

Right now you can’t get flash for your Windows phone 7 but you can open PDF files through the official Acrobat application, in your Window phone 7 you can’t search inside a file but you can pinch to zoom in and zoom out and swipe to move from page to page.

Application number 5: YouTube

You all use YouTube on your systems to watch different videos now you can surf YouTube on your Windows Phone 7, just click a video on the site and it will play in this, in Windows phone 7 videos start quickly and clearly, you can watch any kind of video you want and foe that you can load the mobile YouTube website.