Microsoft has had many books published which dissect the licensing area of the company so the customers can better understand the concept of it all. There are dozens of articles that tackle this as well but you cannot learn it all with just one article, however, with these five tips, you will learn how to keep your money safe whenever you need to upgrade or buy newer and better software.

Unlimited Virtualization Rights through Datacenter License

Windows Server licenses are expensive when bought in large deployments and with the virtualization technologies flooding the market, licensing has become more confusing than it used to be. These two problems are solvable if you take advantage of the license, a pricing scheme for the Windows Server 2008 R2.

The Windows server is licensed by processor. The number of multi-core processors has led to the excess of licenses in proportion to the number of data servers in the data center. Microsoft Datacenter Edition license gives the customer “unlimited virtualization rights” which means that the customers can use an unlimited amount or number of any virtualized instances associated with Windows Server if they are using processors that have been duly licensed particularly with Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter. They can do this without having to buy additional licenses.

Is Software Assurance Worthy?

Software Assurance spreads the payment of software over a period of time, usually within three years and even offers particular benefits like free training, round-the-clock service and online support. Analysts, however, state that the most advantageous benefit is that SA promises access to the new versions of software with no additional cost if it is bought within the contract period.

No More Overpay for Windows 7

Although Windows 7 has many beneficial upgrades, few users actually use or need them. In cases like these, you have several options to choose from when deciding on how to minimize your investment. You can purchase the Open License because it is usually intended for small companies. This allows your businesses to buy the Software Assurance for two years instead of three which gives you 33% of your money saved. The VDI rights will be gone after two years, but the right to use the Windows 7 Enterprise Edition will remain. There are even more discounts which are available through the Microsoft “Select” agreements. This allows customers to buy the SA for a term that is less than three years.

Be Aware of Your Virtual Desktop Options

Windows 7 has started the trend of the adoption of virtualizing PCs. But analysts are saying that the enterprises will not let you save more money with the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The cost of new hardware and license makes this impossible because they outweigh the benefits. When calculating the costs, licensing includes more than the cost it offers. You need to select the right mix of licenses in Windows to help you in your VDI strategy.

Microsoft has cut the price of its VDI. This is now a free feature of Software Assurance and does not cost an added $23 per-device add-on. Even then, customers who do not have SA are still able to virtualize their desktops by buying the Windows Desktop Access licenses which are now only $100 per device per year, which has been cut down from $110.

Have No Fear of Negotiations

Most companies and organizations do not even consider the idea of negotiation. Sometimes, if someone is tasked to buy a new license and is not trained as a skilled negotiator, that person has to move on to another job. Companies rarely take note of the last negotiation so they do not know how to study the ins and outs of the situation.

Usually, the best time for negotiations is at the end of a quarter or fiscal year. Salespeople are usually desperate to make quotas and boost their commissions during this period. As much as customers need Microsoft, the same is true vice versa. There is no harm in asking for discounts, free vouchers and other extra add-ons. The truth is it can even be beneficial.

With these tips in the palm of your hand, you can now confidently choose the proper license for you and not worry about the additional costs. You can save a lot more than you usually can by just lookingfor the cheapest license seller if you follow these tips.