Previously, Microsoft released Communications Server and it was greatly accepted by several companies. As they are utilizing the technology, Microsoft is developing and enhancing the Communications Server to give better experience to the users. Last month, Microsoft had opened the door of the architecture of the new Communications Server 14. Several IT specialists like system managers, analysts and developers all looked into the interior of the new Microsoft Communications Server 14. What these experts discovered are features that make office communication perform at its best.

Name Game

Users of previous Communications Server will recognize that some “names” of the product will not be used in the new version of Communications Server. For example, “Office” description was removed. It may not appear in the new product and Microsoft has not disclosed about the removal of the name. Communications Server 14 or “CS 14” is also another mysterious name Microsoft has not revealed about. What these names mean or for what the uses are, its up to us to discover it this year. 

A Makeover

Microsoft Communication Server’s soft phone, the Communicator, also has been renovated for a better look. The colored balls disappeared and are swapped by pictures and some bars. Almost like any messenger’s feature, a pop out card would appear once you hover or placed your mouse over a contact, where all contact’s information can be found. It basically has basic or expanded details on that pop out card.

Better Dial Pad

Another feature that would surprise Communicators’ users are the dial pad that is more real time and could dial the stored contacts, even the mnemonics. Like typing the 1-800-pizzahut on the dial pad interface would enable the Communicator to dial the correct numbers.

A feature also accompanies the dial pad that would help a user finds its way to access voicemails, and even translates that particular voicemail to text. Now, that would be a big help if some voicemails are just too blurry or there are some background noise on the voicemail itself.

With these new features that Microsoft Communication Server 14 has to offer, there is no doubt that it is one of the new additions in the Microsoft family that would be to look for by companies.

Sure, there is Asterisk as the most widely used open source PBX system, however, most softwares used are in Windows platform. And softwares in Windows platform are sure easier to use than those under the Linux environment, no offense.