Another step by Microsoft to save the world from the disaster of hacking and cracking! Microsoft is searching volunteers who can test their new version of Microsoft Security Essentials. This is a free computer security service that further enhances the capacities of their anti malware software that was released in September last year.

New Security Software Announced

Microsoft announced this beta testing of the new software through their blog post. It was said that they are holding the testing in two languages, English and Portuguese. For testing of the English version of the software they have chosen United States of America and Israel and for the Portuguese language testing Brazil was chosen as the testing country. Microsoft has promised to test the same version of this anti malware software in Simplified Chinese by the end of this year.

Good News for the Beta Testers

Microsoft told that they are hiring a very limited number of testers but did not reveal the exact number of these beta testers. There was a cool and exciting thing that happened in the previous year. It was when Microsoft had announced the beta testing of this previous version of the Security Essentials software it announced a total of 75000 seats for the posts of beta testers. These all seats where reserved with in a day and seat for Israel and Brazil took a few days to fill up. And in no time Microsoft was up and testing its software.

Rivalry Against Microsoft

The rivals of Microsoft did not step back to criticize the Security Essentials when it released in the previous year. The claimed that the Security Essentials was to simple and basic to be called as “essential” as it fails to protect the windows system from all the increasingly sophisticated attacks, hacks and cracks.

For The New Software

Microsoft said then that this new software service runs on Windows PC legally authorized with Internet Explorer 6 and further versions, and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and later. They said that it was designed as an easy solution to increase the security of PCs. The company also added that it was designed and cultured to run on computers in developing countries as they do not have any of the security software installed on the system. This security software has risen from the dead. It comes from OneCare that used to be a paid and silenced Microsoft Security. It proved to be good when it came to detecting viruses, but do not sell very well.

Despite critics who say that computer users need a set of protection, not only the anti-malware, Security Essentials has gained good reviews for its ability to detect malicious code and is speedy and has an interface that is easy to use. In April according to Microsoft, about half of the users of Security Essentials were based in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom, while the fourth was in upcoming marketplaces.

If you want to participate in the tests, use the Microsoft Connect site to sign up and install the software. Fasten your seat belt to deal with defects and give feedback. A series of apparent beta testers waiting to suggest the problems by simply downloading the software!