On 17th June a special meeting was organized by the Economic Development Board and it was decided that $500,000 forgivable loan would be given to West Des Moines to help them with improvement of the infrastructure if it gets a Microsoft Data center.

Initially a $2 million loan was sought from the state by West Des Moines so that they could help with the $10 million for the utility improvements nearby the 40 acres land which is owned by the Microsoft in the western suburban region.

The state was earlier told by Microsoft that is was considering the construction of a data center by investing $100 million there.

The officials of the State Economic development board told on Thursday that they favored that West Des Moines comes back with more requests for money if there is an expansion by Microsoft and more technological companies shift to Grand Technological Gateway, the area targeted for development southwest of West Des Moines.

On Wednesday a proposal had been called for in which it was said that the leftover $1.5 million will be provided by the state in chunks of $500,000 over the next half decade help with the improvements such as water, fiber and roadways.

The board decided that $500,000 would be given to West Des Moines after the project by Microsoft was completed to aid the repayment of the upgradation of electrical appliances.

The Economic Development Director of the state, Bret Mills told that he wasn’t sure about the plans of Microsoft for a data center building in lowa.

Spokeswoman of Microsoft Monica Drake told on Wednesday to The Des Moines Register that a data center would be build by them in lowa.

But a liaison of the company Kevin Williams told the leaders of the state and local economic development that the agreement was not concluded.

The data centers placed in San Antonio and Chicago would also be considered for expansion, the company said.

On this issue additional comments were refused by Microsoft.

$3.4 million grant was given to West Des Moines by the state transportation to aid them with the improvements of the road towards a center of Microsoft.

Last year due to the recession Microsoft was forced to shelve their plans for a center in West Des Moines.

Twice in this month grants have been provided by the board that would actually help clear the way for further development.