Investment in research and development is reflection of corporate culture in the labs of Microsoft, HP and IBM. Where HP prides itself on its pragmatism, Microsoft holds the flag of basic research to its best and IBM continues to grow its patent list year by year which is far more than any other tech company. HP has seen some big changes in past few years. They hired Mr. Prith Banerjee who is the dean of engineering at the Illinois University in Chicago for his services in 2007. HP labs had lost its focus with its researchers focusing on small and different projects which were unlikely to serve the sole purpose of HP’s vision, but now Mr. Banerjee has given them a whole new approach of research. He calls this approach as Innovation with Purpose. He has categorized the 8 big bets of HP and these are being treated as the future of HP. These 8 researches are happening in the field of Data Analytics, Data Management, Intelligent Structure, Cloud, and the Display Systems.

HP is one the biggest sellers of display systems but the irony is that HP doesn’t manufacture displays on its own. HP sells around 70 million displays every year and the number is growing, so if HP can come up with its own manufacturing of LCDs then it will help and benefit HP to a great extent. As of now LCDs cost around 100 dollars per square foot but if the new roll to roll technology can be implemented then this cost can be reduced to 10 dollars per square foot. Challenge in front of HP is that there are many other display makers who were working on this technology and so HP needs to come up with some concrete solution quickly to dominate the market. The challenge is there but HP is still focusing on their commercial Print market and is busy developing better products for them. HP is not even focusing in bringing new and improved versions of its Print devices of the Home and Office segment.

Microsoft is one of the few companies who do their complete homework and research before launching any new product. They have 6 research labs with over 1000 people who have just one mission – to advance the state of the art in the computer science and make their products better and the best. Recent researches primarily focus on the Object Recognition Technology which is mostly directed towards image search in a search engine. Microsoft extensive research has enabled Kinect to ensure correct tracking of user movements and respond accurately.

IBM is known for creating and patenting some new technology every year. They are now busy in researching and developing for the Health Care Technology. IBM has invested a Hundred Million Dollars in research and development of health care technology products. In their hot research list they are working on a chip which will replace the Blood Labs as this chip would be capable of monitoring the blood samples for any kind of Viruses or Diseases. This will certainly help the humanity as many diseases could be cured before they could harm the person.