Google and Microsoft’s monopoly in the web world is being challenged by a group of startups calling them the Consortium for Accountable Advertising. In clearly a case of David Vs Goliath the startups have decided to collate and share data and resources and adopt standards to make their collective might able to stand up against Google Ad Monopoly. Google and Microsoft currently provide the most comprehensive setup of advertising and marketing hence startups find it difficult to thrive in such a market. The Consortium for Accountable Advertising is made of three startups from New York and one from Virginia. Cross Commerce Media, this helps collate online performance data and researches, Clickable which maintains its image of easing the trouble of marketers by managing performance over a wide range of network including Google Microsoft and Yahoo, MediaMath which specializes in studying consumer demand and acting appropriately who specialize in advertising management, TARGUSinfo, the oldie among all of these companies specializes in real time analysis to find out about consumer needs and more. More companies are welcome to join in and help take the movement forward.

Companies joining the Consortium for Accountable Advertising agree on data sharing. Today ad techs take impression data or rate of response and then combine it with other available data to work upon existing ad campaigns or to start new ones on the basis of the data survey. The consortium combines the best practices in Advertising with an intent towards common interest. The idea of working is that if an Ad company wants to use MediaMaths ability to study consumer demand  it will be able to take the data provide by clickable on its ads and then transfer it to MediaMath for their perusal . Companies joining in are openly standing up against the totalitarian regime of the two powerhouses. Companies forming a part of the Consortium for Accountable Advertising are basically providing services without conditions which lead to the buyer being stuck, they are practicing fair game ensuring freedom of choice to the buyer at each and every step and hence ensuring the buyer gets to choose the best from the whole breed of available options. This could actually prove a blow to Google as its Ad shop might not pack the same features as being made available by this pool of companies forming a part of the Consortium for Accountable Advertising. Also as the integration of the industry is something which the market is inevitably heading for so the companies forming a part of the Consortium for Accountable Advertising are actually one step ahead  as they have already been integrated and have pooled their best practices together.

However the major question still remains will the Consortium for Accountable Advertising be an apt reply to the two powerhouses who are heading ahead nonstop in their quest for more and more market shares and are already fighting it out among themselves for a slice of the bigger pie.