After sending many of the confusing signals for a little time, Microsoft has now firmly jumped into the game of the Private Cloud with the announcement of the Azure Appliance at their conference of the worldwide partners which was held in Washington DC. During the month of June this year, the interview with Bob Muglia had been quoted to the CNET and he ranted that the use of the term cloud by Microsoft for the combination of the Windows Server plus Hyper-V plus Systems Center is #notacloud. Derrick Harris, while quoting this rant, had questioned the confusing signals which had been sent by the Microsoft Corp in the GigaOm Pro article.

Internal Clouds

In terms of the internal clouds, Microsoft is not seems to be having a clear vision and the pundits are taking note of this. Whether it would be fair to be call the current Hyper V plus the systems center package #notacloud is a debatable subject or not but what is not there for the debate is the thing that whether the solution would be cutting it a few years down on the road or it would not be doing so. The goal of Microsoft Corp is to allow the internal clouds which look, feel as well as scale their public counterparts so why Microsoft looks as if it would be setting up the internal cloud bar at the simplistic functionality of the IaaS type instead of the functionality which is Azure type is a little bit confusing thing. Azure is not even built on Hyper V.

Why No private cloud as Windows Azure?

Actually, immediately after this rant and the debate made sure on the Twitter among the Clouderati where of these people has been wondering why Microsoft is not offering its Windows Azure as some private cloud in order to take care of all of the needs of the enterprises. It would only make some sense to do this instead of just trying to push their server line of Windows along with the Systems center to all of the enterprises. Why enterprises would even be considering this kind of move when they are getting just a kind of the management layer which has been sprinkled over the existing set of the offerings of Microsoft.

Economic Sense

Though there are no correct numbers for this but it would not make any sense in the economic manner. It has been supposed that they have got the same kind of questions from their potential customers and as a result of this they have made the announcement about the availability of the appliances of the Azure at some point in the future.

Press release of Microsoft

In the press release, Microsoft gave the announcements. The new platform appliance of the Windows Azure would be combining the Windows Azure as well as the Windows SQL Azure with the specified hardware of Windows which would be allowing the on demand capabilities of the IT and also the faster delivery of all of the new applications. When the larger companies would be deploying the appliance in their datacenters then they would have the benefits of the cloud services which are being offered by Microsoft today, while maintaining the control of the location in the physical manner as well as the regulatory compliance and the data.