Gadgets are the mini-applications of the Windows. Or you can call it a combination of scripts. Gadgets are lined up on the right side of your desktop in Windows vista, but in Windows 7, gadgets are free on the screen, that’s why you can move and resize them as you like. Gadgets can run docked in the side bar of you desktop and also can float anywhere on the desktop.
Basically gadgets used for display information, like system time, internet power features, etc. Gadgets provide easy access to regularly used tools and information at a glance. It puts various information, like news, pictures, games, etc on your desktop. Gadgets can control the external applications, like windows media player. Gadgets run on your desktop to perform the common task or common pieces of information.  You can also use these gadgets to display a picture slid show or show continuously updated headlines just right to your open programs. If you want to show the latest news headlines from sources you choose, then you can use the feed headlines gadgets. Now this gadgets is much easier then the previous gadgets. Now gadgets become very popular set of tools.
There are different kinds of gadgets which can help you to perform your task properly.
You can close the clock, putting it on the top of your open windows, changing the clock’s option by using the clock-work gadgets. And it is possible when you right click the clock, you will see the list of things which one you want to change.

Slide Show Gadget

Now if you want a continuous slide show of pictures on your computer then use the slide-show gadgets. You can do  it in this way, at fist you right-click on the slide-show button and then click on the option button to choose that particular picture which one you want to show in your slide show and control the speed  at which your slide show plays and also  change he transition effects of the pictures. You can also change the size of you gadgets. If you want to change your slide show picture, then first right-click on the slide show and then click on the options. After that, choose the folder list and indicate the items which one you want to change, and finally click the ok button. If you want to set the speed of the slide show and control the transition effects, then you right click slide show and click on the options. Then open the show each picture list, and select the number of seconds to show each picture. Now in the transition between picture lists, indicate the particular transition you want to change and click ok button.

Feed headline Gadget

If you want to display continuous updated headlines in your websites then use the feed-headlines gadgets. And you can do it in this way, at first click on the view headlines and then click on the feed headlines, after that click on the option button to choose the particular feed which one you want to display and finally click on the OK button. You can add any gadgets or multiple gadgets in your computer.