If you are a developer using an application like Microsoft visual studio 2010, you can be sure that you have some kind of improvement coming your way without delay. This is one of the ways through which Microsoft Corporation is telling the world of their willingness to be in a position to satisfy you as a customer. The improvement is coming as an effort by Microsoft to bring about productivity enhancing extensions to the visual studio 2010.

The intention

The update will make it possible for the Microsoft visual studio to have more features than what it had been having initially. This will make the experience of various users of this application called Microsoft visual studio to have some kind of sweet addition to what they had earlier been exposed to. By the time the improvements finally come on the Microsoft visual 2010 productivity power tools; there will be several included features that had not been available in the older version. Several key bugs fixes and enhancement will be very available to the users of the new visual studio 2010.

The features

Part of the swell features made available in this updated version of the Microsoft visual studio 2010 are four new extensions. These extensions include the availability of application that is capable of fixing any kind of bugs. The improvement will also help to clean up some other not so pleasant issues from the previous version of the visual studio 2010.

With this improvement, users will be able to turn off individual extensions in the productivity power tools. This was made known by Sean Laberee, who is a program manager of the team that is working on the improvement of the visual studio 2010

According to him, an extension had been added which adds to a certain category of operation to the tools section of the application. This addition allows users of the visual studio 2010 to turn off or on the extension. This addition also enables users to find a single place where they can find the options for a particular extension.

Some other features

Some of the other features made available on the visual studio 2010 include the ability of users of the product to triple click on a line in the editor so as to highlight the current lines of code. It also provides an improvement to the document well. You can also create variable alignment for assignments, fixing tabs also become operational and you can make use of the Add reference dialog.

The star feature

One other new feature had been added to the whole hug anyway. It is called that is the solution navigator. This solution navigator is able to function like an enhanced solution explorer. This new feature enables you to expand code files in such a way that they are able to navigate to their classes. Classes too can be expanded to navigate to their members. With this new feature, you can also search all your solution as far as class members. Various other new experiences are also to be had with this new feature.